Shere July Report

The July fair was our first in the village of Shere and was our busiest event yet! The total number of visitors coming through the door recorded at 302!
Even though a lot of the visitors that joined us had not set out to attend the fair and found us through our banners on the day, they spent well, and the total takings for the fair were the highest of any event we have done!

49% of visitors made a purchase, with the average sale price for the day was £12.09.

 From the questionnaire responses we received, it was generally a good day of sales for most stallholders. 

Six of the tables took in excess of £100, and two took over £200.

Unfortunately there were two stallholders did not cover their table cost at the event.

The total amount of sales across the whole fair was approximately £1750.
The average amount sold per table was £87.05. 

Facts and Figures

The average sales per stall was £87.05

The average spend per sale was £12.09

The highest revenue for a stall was £275

The lowest revenue for a stall was £6



We ask all our visitors where they heard about the fair.
47% were passing and saw either a banners, sign or flag
18% saw an online listing and set out to attend the fair
11% saw us on facebook
8% heard about the fair on the radio

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