Ripley June Report

This was our second event in Ripley and we were pleased to welcome a number of visitors who told us that they had attended the previous event and were so impressed with the crafts on offer they came back for more!

The morning was the busiest half of the fair, with most visitors coming through the foor between 11 and 12. The total number of visitors recorded was 188, which was just below the number of the last fair in Ripley.

The visitors that joined us spent well, and the total takings for the fair were the highest of any event we have run!

65% of visitors made a purchase, with the average sale price for the day being £14.58.

Ripley Village Hall – June 2019
There was a very wide range in sales amongst stallholders, which is something that we have not seen before. Unfortunately there were three stallholders did not cover their table cost at the event.

In contrast to this there were four stalls which took over £200 on the day, and three other stalls took between £100 and £200! 

The average amount sold per table was £81.24.

Stalls set up for the June Art & Craft fair in Ripley

Facts and Figures

The average sales per stall was £81.24

The average spend per sale was £14.58

The highest revenue for a stall was £261

The lowest revenue for a stall was £0

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