Christmas Fair Report

Our Christmas fair was another Saturday event, and although visitor numbers were not as high as we had hoped, we still saw just over 90 people come through the door.

The visitors that did join us spent well, with 81% of customers making a purchase and the average sale being £10.51.

Two of our stallholders did not cover their table cost, but most others made a reasonable profit. The average amount taken per table was £56.

There were no spectacular sales figures for the fair, and more of an even spread across stalls. Having said that two stallholders managed over £100 and two just over £80.

It was a lovely atmosphere at the event and the stallholders enjoyed making new contacts. We have had multiple re-bookings for our 2019 fairs.

Stallholder Questionnaire Results

We received response to our questionnaire from 15 stallholders.

Did you feel visitor numbers today were :

60 % less than expected
20 % as expected
20 % more than expected

Were your sales today:

26 % less than expected
26 % as expected
47 % more than expected

Facts and Figures

The average sales per stall was £55.57

The average spend per sale was £10.51

The highest revenue for a stall was £110

The lowest revenue for a stall was £0 (two stalls)

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