Albury – March Report

Our first fair on 2019 was Saturday 30th March in Albury. It was a beautiful day – a real contrast to the ice and snow we faced for the March fair in 2018!

Visitor numbers were very good for the time of year, with just over 140 people recorded coming through the door.

The visitors joined us were very enthusiastic about the fair and commented on the great variety and high quality of the products on offer. They spent well, with 81% of customers making a purchase and the average sale being £11.53.

Two of our stallholders did not cover their table cost, but most others had a good day of sales. The average amount taken per table was £88.10.

There were some sellers who had a great day selling, with 7 tables taking over £100, and three of those taking over £200!

It was a lovely atmosphere at the event with a steady flow of customers throughout the day. We have had many positive comments and multiple re-bookings for the fairs later in the year.

Stallholder Questionnaire Results

We received response to our questionnaire from 15 stallholders.

Did you feel visitor numbers today were :

55 % less than expected
45 % as expected
0 % more than expected

Were your sales today:

55 % less than expected
39 % as expected
6 % more than expected

Facts and Figures

The average sales per stall was £88.10

The average spend per sale was £14.55

The highest revenue for a stall was £224

The lowest revenue for a stall was £18.50

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