Virtual Craft Fair 25th – 26th July

Welcome to the next instalment of our ‘Virtual Craft Fair’ series!

All of the artists and crafters taking part today are local to Surrey and have joined us for a fair previously or are booked to join when we reopen.

You can get in touch with them by using the contact details included in their details, or replying to a comment on the photos on our facebook page.

There will be posts created throughout the day on facebook and instagram showing the work of the artists taking part – so please head over to our social media accounts for more content!

Handmade Crafts UK

My name is Ana and I am the owner of Handmade Crafts UK. I am originally from Portugal but have been living in the UK for the past 25 years.
I have two children aged 10 and 12 and a young man aged 20 with special needs. I also work full time for another company I own in the translations area.
Handmade Crafts UK started from my passion for all handmade products using mainly natural and organic materials. I love the time I spend making my crafts and consider it my own space where my imagination is let free to create products with love and attention. 
I love variety and do my crafts accordingly to my state of being: some days I feel more energetic and immerse myself in making organic soaps and bath bombs; some other days I am more tuned in to my stillness and decide to crochet or decorate frames.
My day cannot end without having made at least something creative, so I always try to organise the time during my day so that crafts are part of it.
Hope you like my products as much as I love making them. Thank you for reading and look forward to your purchases.
picture frames


Hi, I’m Helen. 58 year old grandmother and self employed steam ironing business owner and keeper of rescued chickens but I like to make and sell jewellery for charity. I started making jewellery back in 2008 after I worked in a semi precious gemstone jewellery shop (a dream job!) where she made her own items and took commissions. I quickly realised that I was capable of that and took a few jewellery making classes. Straight after, I started making jewellery and selling a few bits. I then proceeded onto giving jewellery making classes for children, but had to stop after the insurance costs escalated. I now make all sorts of jewellery and key rings (but not ear rings due to insurance costs) and I sell online for various charities. I am more than happy to take commissions. I give quotations up front. I only work with semi precious gemstones and plated silver. My favourite has always been Fresh Water Pearls, so you will see them feature quite a lot in my work. All proceeds always go to charity: (Various) Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue (£2,700 raised) RSPCA, CIWF, Esther The Wonder Pig, Mrs JG and Ms LB rescue for dogs and cats (£634.00 so far and ongoing online). 

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Angel and Rose

Angel and Rose is the collaboration of Corcyra & Phil Angel and Tonia Rose Butter. Having a real love for anything arty crafty they produce a weekly blog – The Bobbetts. Corcyra and Phil run The Best of British Boutique and Tonia runs Utopian Gifts. They decided to come together and create The Angel and Rose collection which is purely showcasing interior pieces, from small accessories to Bespoke lighting and Furniture. An eclectic mix of upcycled interior design all handmade in the Surrey Hills, Angel and Rose undertake commission work and the work can be viewed soon in the studio workshop, The House of B.O.B from September in Gomshall please book an appointment, to visit in advance.Inspiration for Our work comes from a mix of wanting to breathe life into what would be a discarded objects and using nature and quirky design to complete our pieces. Every piece can be called bespoke as each item is hand produced and re-purposed, And most of all we love what we do, we hope you like it too?

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Chalmers Jewellery

Chalmers jewellery handcrafted by Linda. I love making jewellery I use genuine gemstones freshwater Pearl’s, jasper,agate, turquoise, Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, etc!. Lots of variety & colour. I mainly sell at Craft Fairs but as we all know that’s not possible at the moment so this is the first time for me online hope you like my pieces I try to make them interesting.

Keep Safe all x

Curly J Artistry

Welcome to Curly J Artistry, my name is Julie. I am self taught artist whom from a child has loved being creative. Passionate about art, I love experimenting with a variety of mediums, finding new ways to express myself artistically. 

I am particularly drawn to nature and love to bring its wonder and beauty indoors through my artwork.


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Telephone = 07845 122695

Charlie's Button Friends

I upcycle cashmere into wearable items to keep you toasty and warm and also gifts for the home.

New items –

Reversible face masks for adults.

Needle Felted funky sheep and hare,

Art by Estelle

I’m Estelle, a 30 year old coach and Front of House Manager, working in the fitness industry. During lockdown I found myself increasingly stressed and in need of a new hobby, or outlet for that stress, so I took up drawing! I always had an arty side at school, studying photography, textiles and art, but until recently have not pursued any of these hobbies.
My drawings are inspired by art that I like and I would want to have in my own house. I am inspired by traditional tattoos, my favourite artists or inspiring people and I am working on trying to piece together all of my individual drawings into a more well-rounded framed piece. 
Photographs of my work show some completed pieces and others in the early stages of pencil work, before adding detail and fine lines.
I am open to taking commissions or selling copies of my work.
My preferred method for contact is my email address

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Albert & Bear Candle Co

Albert & Bear Candle Co. Specialise in luxury handmade candles, wax melts and reed diffusers all of which are hand poured in Surrey.

They are made from 100% natural soy wax and vegan friendly fragrance oils only. They contain no additives, no artificial dyes and are non toxic making them safe to use around pregnant women, children and pets.

The company was created whilst the owner Holly was on maternity leave with her son Albert (and dog Bear) and after a quick Google search learnt that standard paraffin wax was highly toxic and could be linked to asthma and worse illnesses. Holly then came across natural soy wax candles, however they were all too expensive for her liking, so she decided to make her own affordable but high quality soy wax candles and so Albert & Bear Candle Co. was created.



IMBUEcreation is a Hand craft business creating homeware and gifts from concrete.

I design each product based on sustainability, we create tea light holders and all of our tea lights are hand poured,100% soy wax.

Our most popular products are our unique soap dishes, stylish and practical.

If you’re looking for something fun we have a heap of gifts in our Etsy Store.

IMBUEcreation was launched in July 2019 and we have been continuing to grow and develop our product range in order to bring you what’s on trend. 

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Customers can contact me through any of the links above, although an easy checkout through my Etsy Store may be preferred.