Successful table layouts

This post is one for our stallholders – do you ever wonder if you could showcase your work better at craft fairs and shows? There is no magic formula, but these tips should help people who are just starting out and pondering over how best to display their work. Even if you are seasoned stallholder you might find some ideas to help revamp your table!

  1.  Don’t overfill the table! It can be tempting to put every item of stock you have on display, but cluttered tables can put off buyers as its hard to pick out items at a glance. Visitors don’t want to risk knocking over displays when they are trying to reach for items. Keep spare stock under the table so you can replenish when items are purchased, or bring out if people express and interest in a variation in colour or size.
Overcrowded table
Empty table

2.  Don’t leave too much empty space. If visitors approach your table and see there are only a few items on display and lots of table cloth on view they often just carry on walking. If your stock does not take up much space you can put other decorative items on your table, a stack of business cards, a mailing list sign up sheet, or photos of other work you have completed.

3.  Have a ‘wow item’ – the chances are you will be a room with lots of other fantastic work, so as people walk by having one special item on your table to catch their eye might make the difference between a sale and letting them walk by. It doesn’t even have to be an item of your stock, maybe you have an unusual prop to display your work on! One of our stallholders had a beautiful, ornate log that she draped necklaces over – it was such a talking point that at the end of the fair she joked that she could have sold the log itself 10 times over! Joking aside, that centrepiece led to many conversations, some of which did convert to sales.

Small table

4.   Make the most of small spaces. If you have one of our small tables you can maximise this space by having a tiered display, hanging items off the edge of the table, or having a tall display item. We will focus on making the most out of small tables in a separate post.

5. Speak to customers! While most visitors do not appreciate being accosted with a rehearsed sales pitch, they do love to talk to people who are passionate about the work they have created. We like to think our craft fairs are unique because we only allow locally handmade products, and lots of visitors comment on this and tell us how they like to


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